Non-Sequential Double Ionization of Atoms

Using classical and semi-classical simulations to study NSDI

Anticorrelated Electrons From High-Intensity Nonsequential Double Ionization of Atoms

Paper: E-e recollision timing can cause anticorrelated electron pairs to form.

Electron Drift Direction in Strong-Field Double Ionization of Atoms

Paper: Classical simulation of NSDI shows wavelength-dependent drift direction and momentum spectra

Frustrated nonsequential double ionization: A classical model

Paper: Double ionization is sometimes frustrasted by recapture of an apparently ionized electron after the laser pulse ends

Anticorrelated Electrons From Weak Recollisions in Nonsequential Double Ionization

Paper: Recollision excitation distributes energy unequally between the electrons. The less energetic electon's exit timing leads to anticorrelation.

Recollision Excitation, Electron Correlation, and the Production of High-Momentum Electrons in Double Ionization

Paper: Backscatting from the nucleus leads to high-momentum electrons.

Classical Explanation for Electrons Above Energy $2U_p$ in Strong-Field Double Ionization at 390nm

Paper: Laser and nuclear effects combine to give rise to electrons with higher than expected energies

Classical Ensemble Studies of Strong-Field Double Ionization of Atoms

Contributed Talk: Classical-ensemble studies of non-sequential double ionization of atoms show semi-quantitative agreement with experimental results.