Griffiths Physics in an Ultracold Bose Gas

Paper: A study of a relization of randomly-coupled stacked superfluid layers showing evidence of Griffiths physics.

Disorder Lab

Studies of quantum systems using ultracold rubidium in disordered optical potentials

An Acousto-Optical High Bandwidth Arbitrary Lattice Generator for $^{87}$Rb

Contributed Talk: Using AOMs and a Mach-Zehnder interferometer to generate a phase-stabilized 1D disordered optical potential


A timing and computer control system implemented in LabView.

Bipolar Mosfet Driver

A circuit designed for bipolar current driving of magnetic field generating coils

Environment Logging

Circuit and programs for taking environmental readings in the lab and logging them to a server.

Hard Drive Shutter

A circuit board to drive hard drive based optical shutters.

Awg Lattice Gen

A C/C++ program to generate the waveform files used by our AWGs to generate our arbitrary disordered optical lattices

GitHub Issues Plugin for DokuWiki

A DokuWiki plugin to pull GitHub Issues into a box for display on the wiki. Used internally for documentation purposes.