Disorder Lab

During my time with the lab we have made many improvement to the underlying apparatus. These include, among others:

  • Rebuilt of main vacuum system
  • Conversion from mirror MOT to traditional MOT
  • Creation of new configurable disordered lattice
  • Development of interferometer and phase stabilization for said lattice

Griffiths Physics

With our new disorder generation system we generated a 1D disordered optical potential. We overlap this with a crossed optical dipole trap to form a system of randomly-coupled planes. When a rubidum Bose Einstein condesate is placed in this potential, its behavior is goverened by the rarest regions of the disorder. This is the hallmark feature of Griffiths physics. We investigated this in our system by looking at momentum-space fluctuation correlations.


. Griffiths Physics in an Ultracold Bose Gas. In Submission, 2018.

Preprint Project


An Acousto-Optical High Bandwidth Arbitrary Lattice Generator for $^{87}$Rb